OPEM is a company that develops highly specialized and customized packaging solutions, relying on a complex industrial production.
For OPEM, the decision to be a “green company” means gearing its entire production activity – from the design stage to the single processes,
and from in-house manufacturing to its choice of machinery – towards drastically reducing energy consumption and having a tangible
positive impact on the surrounding territory.

“OPEM believes in the pursuit of excellence, innovation and protecting the environment”

Elena Binacchi
Marketing and Communication Manager


A pioneer of its time, OPEM has been focusing on sustainability in its work for over 20 years. This “green policy” characterizes every area of the company, starting from its company headquarters, a modern building created using the most innovative energy management systems. But OPEM has also decided to make its mark in terms of logistics, paying special attention to waste management and selecting local suppliers. This comes from very specific environmentally-friendly choices, which make this company from Parma a shining example in terms of sustainability.


Not just coffee. Ever since it was founded in 1974, OPEM has managed to become a global benchmark in the world of packaging. The research and development department works continuously to meet market demand with efficient, high-tech systems, developing cutting-edge solutions that maintain and enhance the quality of the end product. OPEM machines are not only able to meet the needs of every customer, but they also operate with the utmost respect for the environment thanks to the use of sustainable materials with a low energy impact.


What makes an OPEM product unique? A very high level of customization. And now, thanks to an idea from Elena Binacchi, the company’s Marketing and Communication Manager, the new goal is also to work on system aesthetics. This idea all about design aims to bring a breath of fresh air to companies; in fact, thanks to the use of high-performance technical materials, it will be possible to make printed panels to be applied onto machines, which can occasionally be customized with different, unique graphics. OPEM is therefore adding another tool which will allow customers to decide how to “make their mark”.


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OPEM: creativity applied to technology

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